Thursday, October 25, 2007


This village was to me the perfect setting for a Tim Burton movie, a bit grey and a bit gloomy, but beautiful.

This house was quite impressive, it belonged to a rich cloth-making merchant.

On the walls were a lot of creepy portraits like this one.


Andylynne said...

It would be a good place for a Tim Burton Movie. And that little lady could be featured with no problem! Pretty place, and wonderful buildings.

rike said...

hey sabine!
like your style. set your blog on my list. is that o.k. for you?
rike xx

Sabine said...

Of course!

Bethgem said...

Love this montage.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that lady is seriously scary. And to think that portrait painters usually tried to flatter their subjects. I wonder what she really looked like!

pussman said...

what a strange shadow on the roof of the top photo!!

Lovely pictures!