Saturday, October 20, 2007

Approved by the cat

It's always such a nice feeling to finish a project, and I finally managed to crochet everything together and weaving in all the ends of threads! That was really the hardest part of making this blanket, but also the most rewarding one.
I'll have to think of making smaller projects, otherwise there is nothing to blog about in months.

The cat thinks it's okay.

I kept all the threads, it took me 3 weeks to weave them all in! And now I will throw them in the fire, because they gave me such a hard time.


Bethgem said...

Great job!!! I know that's hard work.

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous. I really wish I could crochet like that. The colours you have chosen work so well together.

juuri said...

This is a dream, for real! Very beautiful, I wish I knew how to make things like that!!!!! And, well, the kitty obviously loves it, too - it has to be as soft and comfortable as it looks =)

futuregirl said...

Oh ... weaving in ends is the worst. Glad you had the patients, because your blanket is beautiful. :)

Andylynne said...

It is so wonderful to make something out of almost nothing. I think it's amazing how projects grow to be something beautiful and useful. You did a wonderful job!

Viola said...

Beautiful afghan,a very very great job it's so lovely!
Viola from Italy