Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter is here to stay

I've been away too long...feels like ages since I've been blogging. The reason for my absence: work, work and more work. For a month, I didn't cook, shop, read, or craft. All I did was sit at my desk, and work, work, work.
And now this job is finished, and I don't know where to start blogging again.
So a mosaic it will be, just to get the hang of it again.
For a few times since January, I thought spring was arriving, but no, last week it started snowing again. And I'm growing a bit tired of the cold. So this mosaic is a sort of goodbye to winter, I hope!

1. holly bob, 2. A Chickadee in hand, 3. Santa's Toy Shop, 4. Santa Gnome Evening Lights Jenny Nystrom 1905, 5. polish matchbox label, 6. "bow to me!", 7. 2 Cup Yellow Tea Cozy, 8. Over the River, 9. Anemoi Mittens 2, 10. I'm Not Looking!, 11. Once Upon A Wintertime: Skating, 12. my sweet pillow, 13. cuckoo clock, 14. Red Hat, 15. ...April Fool..., 16. Mansion no. 2


xo.sorcha.ox said...

On the other side of the world, Summer hasnt been that great either: Too HOT! :( I cannot wait for Winter to arrive, although we dont get snow so it probably doesnt feel as long as your Winters do...

elsy said...

good to have you back.........too much work etc

vicki said...

So glad you are back dear Sabine _ I have missed you. Beautiful pictures in your mosiac! You always do the most creative things! Don't you hate when work keeps us from our crafting - there is something so not fair about that! Stay warm--