Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting sleeves

Another unfinished project: a cabled sweater I started last year (winter 2008). I still need to knit the sleeves (shown here, I always knit them together on the same needles) and the collar. So I guess it will be finished next week and I will be able to wear it in the last cold weeks before spring.
Today, it started to rain, and now all the snow has melted. My garden has never looked so dull and grey before, but I heard some birds singing, oh joy!

Detail of a sleeve.

My knitting companion!


pussman said...

I love the colour!
Are we going to watch that movie tonight??
I am glad you posted again, Take a look at Bunnie on my blog!!

The weather!!!!

Lyn said...

What a smiley cat, he's lovely, or is it a she?

CrowNology said...

Thank you for visiting me and the nice comment about my photos. I think the red are berries, they are on there year round and look fabulous with the green leaves too. A perfect design!
Love the colour of your sweater.
Love the cats expression, obviously he/she enjoys knitting!