Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week, I managed to stitch quite a lot, and that gives me the courage to carry on. As you can see, I only need to finish the left border and the left down corner.

Outside it is very stormy and wet, but I bought myself a little bit of spring with this tulips.


Natalie said...

That is beautiful. You have stitched a garden treasure.

Anonymous said...

Your needlework is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks so much for your kinds words on my blog after Tom's accident this week.


Clare said...

Wow that is real dedication. How long must all that embroidery have taken you?!
I'm wanting some spring flowers too. It's started snowing again after what seemed like spring had started. Very depressing!

Rebecca said...

I've been following your needle work for quiet some time now. It is absolutely stunning, heirloom quality, no... museum quality!

I've never really liked cross stitch until i've seen this.


Kirsty said...

Pretty things! Nice work!

Elyse said...

i am just swooning over all of your posts and creations! sigh ...