Friday, January 11, 2008

A strange day!

We had a lot of commotion at our house today, we had a chimney fire!
The firemen (about 15 of them!) arrived 10 minutes after we had called them, and an hour later everything was allright again and we could start to clean the house. But there was no damage, only a lot of dirt from the garden, because everybody was running in and out and removing furniture.

For once, I was really happy with our rainy climate, our thatched roof was too damp to catch fire immediately.

As you can see, it gave me some inspiration for my drawing of today...and no, I didn't make the drawing you see above here, I found it in a little golden book.


Jean-Luc Englebert said...

Tu as eu de la chance!
Je venais te souhaiter une bonne année!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your house didn't burn down.

Your drawings are gorgeous.


Natalie said...

A big sigh of relief! Woosh!

Scrappy said...

That's strange, I was just thinking about chimney fires today as I loaded our woodstove. I'm glad everything is okay, no damage and everyone safe!

Happy New Year, Sabine! All the best to you and yours for 2008.


rike said...

gosh! that could end in another way!
take care,

Andylynne said...

Wonderful news that the fire cause no damage but dirt in the house. That is truly a blessing.
Your cats are lovely sleepign or not:)

carrie said...

Oh no that must have been frightening! I'm glad everything was ok!

Julie said...

glad you are safe. I like these flames with faces!