Sunday, January 20, 2008

Peace and quiet

I can look at this mosaic when I am getting a bit stressed, and dream of less work and deadlines (in a few weeks...). Looking forward to a bit of free time to finish my projects and to work in the garden.
1. little notebook, 2. Emmerson 4.12.06 005, 3. My favourite tree, Newhailes, 4. penny's paws, 5. autumn quiet, 6. Ullswater, 7. A scene of only green., 8. Botanical Garden, Montreal, 9. Watching the Air Conditioner, 10. Retro Rib Progress, 11. afternoon, 12. kacper, 13. taking in the view, 14. found nest, 15. Garden at Anne Hathaway's Cottage II, 16. Les iles de Sion en automne 2005 - Island of Sion autumn 2005


Natalie said...

I just love finding your photo mosaics. you have a wonderful gift for gathering images that work together and convey a mood... this mood is dreamy and full of simple reasons to be joyful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello... nice mosaic, as usual.