Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Projects for 2008

To all of you out there in blogland: a happy New Year and lots of crafting ideas!
The last days I didn't have the time to craft, the only thing I did was cooking, cleaning up my kitchen, eating ,cooking and cleaning again, drinking, sleeping, watching TV (Extras season 2), eating, drinking, sleeping, etc....
And now it's time to start thinking about my resolutions for 2008, and this mosaic is already a start: all these pictures inspire me to try new things!

1. 62, 2. quilted_polkas_6, 3. Endpaper Mitts 1, 4. Capelina merino y alpaca II, 5. cupcakes, 6. Pincushion, 7. washcloth, 8. Felted bag, 9. stars in my garden - detail, 10. Crochet scarf, 11. Rana, 12. Shetland Triangle, 13. cottage0004, 14. log bunny, 15. chevron_main, 16. Drawstring pouch


lotusgreen said...

such a wonderful way to start the new year: inspiration. these are charming.

Jean-Luc Englebert said...

Voilà de bonnes résolutions!! J'aime beaucoup cette mosaïque.