Saturday, January 5, 2008

I got tagged: 8 things...

I got tagged a few weeks ago by Kate of Our red house.
8 Things I am passionate about:

-my children
-my husband
-my friends
-my home , my pets, my garden
-nature, I try hard to live with respect for my environment
-learning, crafting, drawing
-watching movies and discuss them with friends

8 things I want to do before I die:
-become a grandmother (this is not in my hands, I'm afraid)
-become a more self-confident cook
-read a lot of books
-travel around Europe
-see New York
-learn Italian (I am a bit too lazy for it for the moment)
-have an exhibition with my paintings
-learn to make my own clothes

8 things I say often:(this is a difficult one)
-I am hungry!
-Clean up your room!
-Oh no, I forgot to...
-My day is too short.
-Mmm, a nice cup of coffee!
-That person looks like...
-Listen to this!

8 books I've read recently:
You can see those in my "My library" list!

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

-all the songs on "Revolver" by the Beatles
-Strange Fruit by Billie Holliday
-My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker
-Your Rocky Spine by the Great Lake Swimmers
-Redemption Song by Bob Marley
-Cole Porter songs
-The Tourist by Radiohead
-Old Man by Neil Young
But this list would look completely different next week, I guess,...

8 things that attract me to my best friends:
-most important: their humour!
-same way of thinking about politics, environment,...
-their interests
-they have to like movies, books, art
-their love for animals and nature
-their love for good food
-I get bored easily with people who talk about their cars, insurances, status, money...

8 people who should absolutely do this game:


Natalie said...

OKay. I'm in, but this may take a few days. Maybe 8 days. I may add: 8 things I can do, before I clean the house!

pussman said...

grrrrr! this a lot off work!!!

Sabine said...

I know, it took me more than a month...

Anonymous said...

Great answers! I put off doing this one for ages too.

Beata said...

Hi Sabine,
Your lists are great... I'll hopefully come up with something -- I have at least a month, right?!...


Natalie said...

Done! You can learn so much about yourself. I learned I cannot count!!