Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This week I want to do some upside down portraits, you can see a good example of that here.

I also post the original pictures I used, so you can compare them with my drawings...sigh...
As you can see, I still need to exercise this!


Luke said...

Are you saying you made those drawings standing on your head? That's really great........
And you don't have to balance yourself by using your arms and hands? (well then you wouldn't be able to sketch, would you? Silly me)
The only thing I can do when I'm standing on my head is......fall over and then I would probably also break my leg or my foot or hurt my little bottom in the process. And mum would give me hell for making too much noise afterwards.
I envy you.
I envy everybody really.

Sabine said...

You are a very silly person!