Thursday, May 3, 2007

Golden book

These are only 3 books of a serie of 10: "Golden book of the world".
These were informative books for children. The illustrations below are made by Tenggren and the Provensen, but I am not sure who made the drawing of the birds in the forest.
I wonder if there is a website or a blog, where you can find all these talented illustrators of the past. It's already amazing what you can find on the internet though.

The little indians are so very cute!

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Meet Me at Mikes said...

ohh sabine.. how lovely! I started a myspace for the golden books - but i have been too busy to upkeep it! it can be found at and also there is some bits and pieces on our blog.. and also go and visit tania (lily and agathe) on my blog too.. she has an illustration website up and running! xx pip