Thursday, May 3, 2007

A little present

Yesterday I started a little project: my first amigurumi. I didn't have a pattern, but I discovered something very, very cute at oh sew pretty!, a babushka bear!
I tried to copy it, and this is my result.

This bear is not staying at my place, tomorrow he's leaving for Italy! I'm going to send him to a friend. I hope this little fellow will bring her some happiness!


Sophia said...

I soooo love it. Really cute. Wish I was your friend in Italy. I'm not really handy in the art&crafts thing but if I was I'd try this one too. Seems a really nice doll.

Anonymous said...

hello sabine! thanks for the comments on my blog. glad you had a laugh.

i think you friend would love the babushka bear!

the illustrasons in the kids books are gold too!

Dannielle said...

He's just precious! And see, you're already a successful embroiderer. His face is great! :)