Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Early Snow

Snow in November, I really wasn't prepared... Tomorrow, we are leaving for three days in Paris, I hope I will see the Eiffel tower with a white bonnet on...
1. Cold Skates, 2. What all the well-dressed squirrels will be wearing this season., 3. Untitled, 4. A Chickadee in hand, 5. Warmly Dressed!, 6. Snowy trees, 7. red fox in snow, 8. Public Domain - Vintage Postcard Images, 9. Norwegian Forest Cat in Snow, 10. winter, 11. Snow Queen Anker 1948, 12. Leaving Footprints in the Snow--vintage Vogue Illustration, 13. Pink, 14. Etude 1932 Jan, 15. Weihnachten mit Ida Bohatta / Bild 12, 16. Gearing Up for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!

1 comment:

June said...

Hi there!
Just seen your blog - wow. My blog is called catsdogsandeiderdowns!
I love the montage.