Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter in Paris

Back from Paris, since almost a week now.
It was very, very cold and we even had a little snow on the first day of our stay. We escaped the snow blizzard Paris was having this week.
Our main goal was the Monet exhibition in the Grand Palais. It was crowded, but every painting was worth the waiting!

There was also the exhibition in Musée d'Orsay of the painter Gérôme. The detail in his paintings is really stunning, you have to see it to believe it.

Our hotel was situated in the neighbourhood of the grands boulevards and the grands magasins, like "Printemps" and "Galeries Lafayette", and near to the Opera, and a 15 minutes walk from the musea.

This close to Christmas, all the shops were lavishly decorated, I took some pictures at the Printemps.


Natalie said...

Gorgeous, and so fortunate to skip the blizzard. I would love to see Paris, or any of Europe at Christmastime... places really shine during this season!

June said...

Hi there!
Oh, how I wish I could see the Monet paintings. We were in Paris over Summer and it was one of the things I really wish we had seen. Paris is such a fabulous place. I would love to see it at Christmas.

pussman said...

Lucky Sabine!!!

Jane said...

Was in Paris years ago just long enough to know I need 2 weeks at least to really see, smell and taste and then travel outside a bit too. Thanks for sharing and making us feel we are there with you.
Oh - one more thing - I'm trying to make a quilt. Don't get excited - so far it has been a very slow start but at least I have started.

vicki said...

Oh how I want to go to Paris~~ these photos are magnificent - you are so so lucky to be able to visit there! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photosfrom your magnificent trip.