Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Saturday, rainy Sunday

Saturday was a perfect sunny day, so I finished my blue granny blanket. Immediate inspection by one of the cats.

Then it was time to work a bit on my Christmas sampler.

I was in good company...

and I captured this moment of intimacy.

Today was quite the opposite of yesterday, it was raining cats and dogs (ha, I love that expression!). So, instead of working in the garden, I rearranged my cupboard with China and little statues.

Although it's springtime and almost summer, this is my soundtrack for a rainy day:


Natalie said...

Sweet images. Your granny squares are beautiful, like your garden kitties and daughter. Sunny or rainy, you found the beauty in each day.

50sgal said...

lovely garden and are those Beatrix Potter statues?

Sabine said...

Yes, I collected them over the years, I bought one every time I went to the UK.