Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cross stitching

1. Bon appétit !, 2. cross-stitch--redwork cube, 3. Thread And Ribbon Winders, 4. Old Sewing Susan book, 5. 1973 Cross-Stitch Pattern book, 6. cross stitch book, 7. Rowyn's Round Robin Finish -Strawberry House, 8. I Vautier, 9. Vogart Sampler 1119B, 10. Vintage embroidery thread, 11. needlecraft, 12. waiting time, 13. wee sublime sampler, 14. cross stitch, 15. abécédaire, 16. where my heart blooms

Whenever I have a little moment, I am looking for my cross stitch Christmas sampler or another cross stitch project. It goes terrribly slow, it's a lot of counting and it's bad for my eyes, but I'm addicted...
I'm going to post a picture every week to see my work progress.
So here you have week #1!


Natalie said...

It's nice to have something that you can return to and work at... it's looking lovely. Enjoy!

elsy said...

hi sabine...i didnt realise cross stitch could be so lovely.....your christmas sampler is beautiful....i can feel another project coming on.....thanks for the introduction