Friday, January 2, 2009

Sleeping cat

First of all, a happy 2009 to all of you! And lots of creative ideas!
I was a bit late finishing the last project for the "Pay it forward" game, but a few days before Christmas, I managed to send a little parcel to Lily of Japonisme. She has the most marvellous blog, a must-see for all art-lovers.

I made her a drawstring bag with a little cat embroidery. And a long time ago, I made some felt anemones. I sent these as well.


Eli said...

Happy New Year to you and your creative family Sabine. I look forward to more of your colourful posts in 2009.

lotusgreen said...

it is very moving to see the dear sleeping cat in your embroidery hoop, sabine. i can only say how happy it makes me.

happy new year!!!!

pussman said...

I want one too!!!
OOOOOOOOOOH. when did you secretly made this??