Friday, January 9, 2009

A day out

Yesterday, I went to Ghent, the city where my son studies. I really like the medieval houses and churches, and very important: there are no cars allowed in the touristic centre.

We also paid a visit to the lace-shop of my husbands niece. I couldn't resist this apron and towel, embroidered with a cute chicken. In case you want to take a look there: the shop is on the Koornlei, and it's called "Home linen".


kOEN said...

So you came to Ghent??? The city where your son studies? It also happens to be the city where I live... if you know what I mean. Grrrr!

Eli said...

I should love to visit Ghent as I love the achitecture so much and the lace shop would keep me occupied for ages. I hope small shops like this will be able to survive this terrible credit crunch thing; many over here are struggling. Looking forward to some sunshine! Eli

angelique said...

How beautiful it looks. Europe is so,so,so interesting. Your goodies are lovely.