Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bye bye snow!

For the past two weeks, it has been very cold, with snow and ice. That was quite a long time ago over here and I really love the beauty of a white world. Since yesterday, the weather has changed, now it's gloomy and wet and I don't like it at all! Luckily, I took some pictures the past days.
Red boots:

And more red:

And a red house, where I would love to live:

These paws are so cute, the cats made these imprints on our frozen pond. They look like a scene out of Ice Age.

And here's a glimpse of our new terrace and windows. I have to wait till February to paint the walls in our new room.

And now it's time to start dreaming about spring!


Libby Buttons said...

Beautiful photos!

Beata said...

We also had a very unusually snowy Christmas in Vancouver - it's been over 4 weeks now that we have snow on the ground...your photo of the back of your house is lovely...beautiful grounds... and I love the Martine pic....I'm such a fan of those books!

Eli said...

I LOVE the new room Sabine. I'm so glad its nearly done. I had to show it to my husband who always admires that sort of thing. Fabulous cat's paw prints, much better than dinosaurs! Added a link to your blog this week. It is so happy and colourful I'm sure many visitors will enjoy paying you a visit.

ryan said...
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Carrie said...

I love your new terrace.....I'd be sitting there everyday with a cup of coffee!!! Beautiful!

pussman said...

It looks as if a bear came passed your house, What paws!
Is that from Wolf?