Monday, February 4, 2008

A sixties childhood

I made this mosaic in a nostalgic mood. Do you recognize your own childhood in these pictures?

1. :: { Big ben Rainwear } ::, 2. Vintage Dress Patterns, 3. barbie booklet, 4. lembram-se, 5. found a tiny 3" book; animal lovers can relate to this touching illustration, 6. DSCN3223, 7. flintstones annual, 8. Martine a la Maison, 9. Dumbo Time!, 10. LOVE IS WALKING HAND IN HAND - old book = cover, 11. Timmy Mouse Illustration, 12. I'm a troll!, 13. tutti, 14. london, 15. Mary Poppins-1977, 16. retro bus ride


pussman said...

I can not see this picture. any plans tonight??

pussman said...

OK, now I see it!!

püppilottchen said...

oh!!! YES!! I can find my childhood in many of these pictures... :)

thanks for these lovely memories, nicola

rike said...

oh, i remember a lot of all those! the troll! the fisherprice-bus!
thank you for making me remember!!

Anonymous said...

A sixties childhood? Ai ai ai, I remember a lot of stuff from these pictures too, and I was born in the seventies. The troll swings me right back. I had a big one, and one day, one of my siblings had cut of all the hair. I was furious! Anyway, I replaced the hair with wool, he then looked like a rasta-troll... I don't know what became of him, something I kind of regret.

Beata said...

Now, that puts a smile on my face!