Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog of the week

Eye candy, I love all this cute needlework. Such a pity I can't understand Japanese... But I can look at all these goodies, and so can you!


Clara said...

So much nice things....copy the websiteadress and use this link
Chose language and
then you can read the website in english. So great!

Faith said...

i had to double look here, was this handmade?looks nice doesnt it.
I love your sketchbook diary they really made me smile and my college lecturer in art used to really shout at us students if we didnt sketch and work in our sketch books every single day.
These days I just do work in my book for quilt ideas, and only me understand what things are with out my partner peeping through and commenting

"What's that?"
Happy sewing and drawing! Nutbudxx

kOEN said...

S, need to know something; how you delete a comment? I'd like to delete a comment but I really don't know how! Please help me.

kOEN said...

S, it's alright, I found it myself after a long search in the help-section. I had to refresh the page several times before the trash can appeared, so now the nasty comment is deleted. To explain; someone I don't know left a comment with a bad link, everytime you'd click on it, a scanprogram was started.