Friday, November 2, 2007


To give credit to all the crafters, who inspired me to make a softie!
1. rippling kitties, 2. beatrice, 3. Turquoise Kitty, 4. Lily, 5. bunny (nr 34), 6. Little Chicken Coco Haute Couture, 7. red and linen bunny, 8. Kitty close up, 9. :), 10. Gatinho (Severina 11), 11. mochi kitty, 12. "Amélie" Elefant, 13. red rabbit, 14. Shibira, 15. blackwhitekittyongreen, 16. Zelda


Barbara said...

what an amazing blog!! will visit again ! Greetings from germany Barbara

Natalie said...

As I was waiting for your page to open, I thought: I hope she has one of her pretty photo collections posted! I always enjoy your collages. Thank you.

Scrappy said...

They're all so cute! I'm inspired to create a softie or two. Good thing, as they'd be just the thing for Christmas gifts.

Thanks for the great blog!

rike said...

love your softy! very cute!
and: yes, it will be a hard job weaving those loose ends of my grannies..!