Friday, November 2, 2007

And off to Australia!

Today my cat is starting his (or her) trip to Richmond, Australia. Maybe the scarf is a little too warm for over there, but it's removable. And in the bag is a little note for the child this softie will belong to.


Andylynne said...

That is so adorable. I would have loved it as a child. and the rest of them are so different and all just as cute. Your out did you self and it is such a wonderful cause.

crazy bird said...

Sabine, your cat is so lovely!! :-)

Viola said...

I love your cat so much!!!!!Congratulations!
Viola from Italy

Anonymous said...

I think it is adorable, can I order one for my birthday next year?

Anonymous said...

That cat is such a cutie. I really like the red and grey colour combination.

Nicola said...

love your little cat!! i thought about making a softie for mirabel, too... but then there was so much to do, mara´s moving, lots of goodies arrived for the shop and i had to put them on the homepage... etc.pp.

but you all did a great job (saw all the lovelies at the flickr-group) - the kids will be very happy about the little presents.

bye-bye, nicola from germany