Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fruit and vegetable quilt

Remember the quilt for Japan I told you about? I embroidered this turnip (or a radish?), from a vintage (free) pattern, found here.
And this is the nice reaction I got from Mom Wald on her blog.


vicki said...

Sabine- I'm goi g with radish--- and he is adorable. Your embroidery is fabulous- this is such a great project. Your friend presented your artwork beautifully on her blog-- great job!

Mom Walds Place said...

Sabine, I love your photo of the radish with the thread. You are quite the artist.

I did an update post about the quilt last night.

I keep looking at your mouse bag, because it is so wonderful. I wish there was a pattern to freestyle embroider Miss Mouse.

Anonymous said...

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