Thursday, June 30, 2011

An afternoon in the garden

My idea of heaven.

But I'm afraid that this way of spending my day will be over for quite a long time. I have two new urgent projects (work-related, no crafting projects, alas). When I have a lot of boring things to do, I have the tendency to procrastinate.
So, back to the old computer and get to work!


June said...

Your cat is seriously cute - I do find that animals are our greatest timewasters. They just want to be stroked and given our undivided attention. Our cat, Archie, whenever you stop stroking him puts his claws into your jumper or arm to pull it back for more cuddles!

kOEN said...

Cheer up! We've only three weeks to go...!

magpie chic said...

Know how you feel. But it can't last forever. Soon you'll be back in that lovely garden, finsihing that gorgeous quilt.
I look forward to it!
Love Jacqui

lotusgreen said...

this is my idea of heaven too. particularly when i'm on the ground, with ruby nearby. ruby and your kitty have very similar markings. ruby's nose is not red, but other than that she's very similar.

i attribute part of the feeling i get lying outside on the ground that there's nothing but dirt between me and the moulten center of the earth.

you'll be back soon. and it'll be there.

vicki said...

Sabine- you are coming along beautifully on your quilt project! It is going to be fabulous when finished!

Love your kitty- she is adorable. ( we love kitties at our house!)

Anonymous said...

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