Thursday, March 17, 2011

A far away spring

It's getting cold again, after a few sunnier days.
My garden is showing signs of spring already, and the cats are eagerly waiting to get out more often (and so do I!).
And, of course, Japan has been on my mind all the time the past week.


Jane said...

I know - my Princess Miya would like to get out also but I promised when I took her that she would be an inside cat. One of the things we promise when we are part of a rescue situation. In this case, I promised my son who has her brother who was one of the litter of a beautiful rescued female Siamese. All of our other cast were inside/outside but we lost several of them due to that fact so I'm content with letting her out on our screened in porch. She gets fresh air without being attacked, exposed to feline leukemia, or run over on the former country road that is now a very busy, congested neighborhood kind of road. Crazy - I always figured (and still do most of the time and we probably will) my hubby and I would spend our last days here but lately, for the first time - I think about maybe that being somewhere a little less congested would be nice. Too bad weren't born rich instead of beautiful. LOL

vicki said...

Beautiful flowers - spring is finally here and we are all so happy that it is. Your kitty is so beautiful - I love seeing every picture.

The tragedy is certainly on our minds and in our hearts - life is so so fragile - we must pray for their terrible situation and at the same time we must also be grateful for every blessing that we have~~