Friday, June 11, 2010

Monet's house & garden

Yesterday night, I returned from a short holiday in Giverny, France. Main goal of our visit: the house of Monet and his oh so famous garden and the waterlily pond.

We went there early in the morning, and I managed to take this picture of the entrance of the house. Half an hour later, the place was crowded with mostly American and Japanese tourists.

At this time of year, the garden is a lust for the eye. Such a pity you can't smell the peonies...

And then of course the pond... you just have to see it for yourself.

After our three hours visit, time to get a salad and coffee afterwards at Hotel Baudy, the place where all the artists (mostly Americans) would stay in Monet's time. Just lovely!

We had a room with a view at an old mill. Our stay for three days was too short... my husband wanted to paint a lot of the scenery there, but the weather wasn't so good.
If you want to have a look at his (wonderful) paintings, go here.


Lyn said...

It is a beautiful place, It is on my 'wish list' of places to go.
Lucky you.

elsy said...

we stayed at a bed and breakfast once just round the corner from the garden on an overnight stay, but it was monday and the gardens were sadly closed. we did eat at this hotel which in itself was a memorable occaision.

Mom Walds Place said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

vicki said...

Unbelievable photos - what a lovely place to visit - how I envy you! Amazing - I just know that you had a fabulous visit! I could look at those picturers all day!