Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting better

This must be the worst summer in years... been ill all week, sneezing and coughing.
I only managed to do a little bit of gardening,very, very slowly, I really have no energy. And the weeds are growing in abundance...
But the weather is changing, maybe we'll finally get a summer?

A dandelion is so fluffy and cute, if you look closely.

I planted this Solomon's seal (Polygonatum) last spring, and forgot completely about it. And here it is, what a nice surprise!


Flutterby Patch said...

Hi Sabine. Rotten luck getting the summer sniffles, I hope you are soon feeling fit again. I love your garden, you seem to grow the same plants as we do. I've been thinking of you recently as it is a year since my sheep travelled to visit your Daisy in Belgium....what fun that was!

vicki said...

Sabine - I hope your cold does not stick around long - summer colds are so miserable! Your flower is so lovely - I have never seen that before - must show the Gardener!


magpie chic said...

Do hope you're feeling a bit better now Sabine. Your garden looks so lovely. That lake reminds me of the one in Monet's garden.
I'm going to try to get the pattern for the tea cosy onto my blog somehow.It's from a very old book, and the copyright has probably long expired, and I don't think anybody would be worried about me doing that if I credit where it came from. Working on that.

Jane said...

Hope you feel much better. It has been so hot here it is hard to describe and it isn't even July yet. So thankful for the air in our homes and cars we take for granted these days. Rub that pretty cat for me.