Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweater love

Two more projects finished!
A striped sweater for Lucy (I already gave it to her with Christmas, but forgot to show it on my blog...)

And a blue, cabled sweater for me. I'm wearing it now, because it's so freezing cold!

The cross-stitched mouse is finished too, and with all the fabric, trims and ribbons prepared, I hope to get my sewing machine out and make me a cute laundry bag. Wait and see...
Strange, but on photo, my desk seems less messy than in real life.


Jane said...

Can't wait to see the apron - I have so many wonderful memories of Aprons. My grandmothers made and wore large aprons to cover their skirts and only took them off during the day if they were going to church or to visit neighbors. They had big pockets and held all kinds of miraculous treasures (including a snuff box on one grandmother's). Memories...thanks

Mom Walds Place said...

Your header is so lovely!

Hmm, I have fresh tulips, I have a window with a shelf, I even have a lotus bowl, oh no, my cat is ugly.

You keep teasing us with your new laundry bag. Pleeeaaase take a photo to share. your cross-stitching is so beautiful!