Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cats & quilts

1. four corner small quilt, 2. quilt progress, 3. bed, 4. CHECK Quilt - Vintage Sports, 5. cat on a quilt, 6. Vintage fabrics, 7. Future quilt for my daughter, 8. the threads of blue happiness, 9. Stjernetæppe, 10. emailMamaBearQuilt3, 11. Cotton Reels, 12. all wrapped up, 13. quilt top, 14. Vintage Darning Threads, 15. Zoe on the Rose Quilt, 16. Doll quilt


Bethgem said...

awesome collage

Alison Boon said...

Really enjoyed the collage, some lovely colours and compostions.

Natalie said...

You always manage to satisfy my yearning to see pretty things, lovely collections of color and textures. Whether it's in your sketches and work, or these collages you gather. Thank you for the eye candy... it nurtures my soul.