Wednesday, August 22, 2007


What always strikes me: japanese books, crafts, objects...are often very cute and attractive.

These little frogs are in an amigurumi book I bought on ebay, I did not yet try to make them, I have to study the patterns a bit, before I can start.

And these illustrations are in a very cute book I found in France last year, a day in the life of a bear (his name is Kuma Kuma), illustrations by Kazue Takahashi. The story is a bit sad and melancholic, the bear is living alone in a little house. At the end of the book you wonder if the bear has a happy or a lonely life.

These illustrations are in a book my father brought from a trip to Japan, way back in the sixties. I love the layout of these pages!

And finally, I made another mosaic, with cute and lovely things.

1. kittendoll Ava, 2. Sad Bird, 3. Forest of Mushrooms., 4. old russian illustration II, 5. red kokeshi, 6. Decole - Peter & Paul hook, 7. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sleeping Beauty jsk (sax), 8. Tibbles, 9. FRÖSI #6, 1962 (Detail), 10. michiko chan 1, 11. DSCF0042, 12. o passaro no seu ninho, 13. Jenn Docherty (blog image), 14. branchbird, 15. pillows, 16. vintage children´s book 1977


Trudi said...

I love these - thanks for all the cuteness!

vlado&toni said...

I must agree they are really cute! Lovely!

isabel f. said...

thank you again, Sabine
photo 12 :))