Saturday, August 18, 2007

Comforting things

Feeling blue, trying hard to look at the bright side of this chilly summer to blame?
It makes me long for evenings by the fireside with a hot chocolate and a good book. August is not quite the time for that, I'm afraid.

1. Tribute to Love Project - Celine's book - pg1, 2. vintage sewing basket and goodies inside, 3. Salamanca Market - Old Bear, 4. Ina's Apple Tatin, 5. Fauchon Salon de The, 6. Babette Blanket, beginnings!, 7. Triple Fortune, 8. Thank goodness the CAT likes it., 9. Toribio loves dream, 10. Cuddling Elephants, 11. Weihnachtsfest im Wichtelland, 12. finished birdie, 13. A Different Perspective, 14. Whole Wheat Biscotti, 15. Crazed Kitten 2, 16. Cuteness


Natalie said...

I had a hint of fall, when I was in Oregon last week and I loved it, but came home to the first real heat of summer, and Yes, I do want a fireside hot chocolate, comfort and snuggly warmth...
Now I am going to gaze at your pretty collage and feel a little better. Thank you.

Sophia said...

Ooh, I love the little kitten (nr. 9), so adorable. And I hope you don't feel blue to long (or you'll turn into a smurf!). I'm not blue at all, I've just had two months of sun-sun-sun, and work-work-work, which I feel is always a good remedy against upcoming downish feely jeeper creepers, if you know what I mean. Work always does the trick for me. So chin up, and sail against the dark tidings!