Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paris shopping

We had very little time in Paris, only 7 hours, so we had to spend it well!
We started at the Galeries Lafayette, and admired the stunning balconies.

Then we went for some window shopping, strolling trough Paris.
These dolls were admired by this little girl, and by me of course. I prefer the one at the left, with the blue beret.
And in this shop, near the Opera, you could find all kinds of tin toys.

Tour de France

French revolution

And here I bought one of these fabulous notebooks!


Bethgem said...

All your Paris photos are wonderful. I am a journal junkie myself.

Jenny said...

Beautiful dolls. They are just like the ones I had as a child. You don't seem to be able to get that style of doll in Australia any more.

Natalie said...

Someday I will travel to Europe, and I will be sure to ask you a million questions before I make any final plans. Thank you for sharing the beautiful details from your trip.