Sunday, June 3, 2007


A nice discovery this week: we have hundreds of tiny fish in our pond, too little to take a picture of them! But I tried to photograph the proud parents...


zUzU said...

Oh Sabine! =^..^=

How wonderful your pond is ...
... and baby fishies!

I adore ponds. Every garden should have one ... even if only a small tub filled with water and a single piece of duckweed ::sigh:: a pond is a pond.

So ::HaPpY:: you have shared yours!
=^..^= love, zU

Luke said...

Fish have parents????? And they are proud??????
Fish are people????????
So....I'm a fish?????
Gosh, this is all very confusing.

Well, I should have realised....mum is always calling me "fishface." Now I finally understand why. So she isn't that mean after all. Oooooh, I think Ilove my mum now.
Thank you very much!