Friday, April 20, 2007

Messy cupboard...

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zUzU said...

oh! =^..^=

Oh my goodness ... Sabine!
Do you know what I would give to be as lucky as you and have those Brambley Hedge china pieces?!! ::SWOON::

I am a HUGE fan of the darling little mice in Jill Barklem's tales of them. Such a delightful little world she shares. I just know they really live that way ::sigh::

I'll tell you a secret. When I had my studio finished, I had built into the baseboards a space to have a tiny world at my feet. Like a doll house in the baseboards, it runs along the walls with hinges that open up. It is only as high as an 8-inch baseboard but runs all along the length of the studio.

I made tiny doors and windows here and there and put pieces of vintage doll house furniture inside for the mice & lights that can turn on and off!

At Christmas, should you visit the studio ... you even will find a tiny tree in one of the little windows! And a wreath on each tiny door.

Oh yes! I adore the same things as you ... Your tea service is WONDERFUL!
=^..^= love, zU