Sunday, April 22, 2007


I wanted to try the technique of needle felting, after I saw a tutorial at nimbleknot, but in my enthusiasm, I broke all my needles.
So this bunny has to wait, until the crafts shop in our village opens on Tuesday.


luke said...'s a bunny?
There was me thinking it was a glove for someone with three fingers. Silly of
What am I like?????

Sophia said...

It think it's pretty. Very fluffy. Even if it isn't finished, I think it's great. Well done.

danielle roothooft said...

I,m waiting for the next picture. Didn't you finish it tonight??
I'm working on felt pussman now. It is highly addictif. I'm afraid for my work tomorrow! I will try to post a few pictures this evening. ~See you tomorrow!