Friday, August 19, 2011

Cats on my quilt

Guess how much time it took, before these two ended on my quilt blocks, spread out on the floor...
Less than three minutes, record broken!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I had to be quick, and there was almost no light.


June said...

Yes, cats do get everywhere they're not supposed to and yet when you buy them baskets they never seem to want to use those!
Lovely photos!

Lyn said...

cats just can not resist!!!

Mom Walds Place said...

Your cats simply have good taste. They know when they spot a good quilt!

magpie chic said...

Such a cute quilt! What's not to like, if you're a cat:P

vicki said...

Haha- it never fails does it!! Our kitties are the very same!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice quilt!

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