Saturday, October 30, 2010


What gives me the creeps? The usual things like spiders, being alone in the dark, ghost stories...
The first time in my life I was really, really afraid, was when seeing this scene from "Fantasia". My parents had to leave the cinema with me, because I was crying so hard... Guess I was about five years old at the time.

On my nightstand is this book, and it's a real pageturner, it gave me a few bad dreams already.
To stay a bit in the Halloween mood, I did this little knitting project: a pumpkin tea cosy.
It turned out to be quite easy, and I did it in two afternoons. Ready just in time for tonight!

The trees in our garden are giving us quite an autumn spectacle now.

How I love the change of seasons!


vicki said...

What a cute little tea pot cover - so perfect for the season. I love Autumn too - the leaves are so beautiful this year - your photos show a beautiful fall.


magpie chic said...

Hi Sabine. Your photos of autumn leaves are ethereal. But I can feel the cold as I look at them, and think I will enjoy the spring time while I can! My daughter's Jemima cross stiches came from a pattern book. There is one for each character's story. I haven't got that one on hand, but i have another one which is published by Green Apple Co.Inc in the US.
Hope that is some help.

Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely trees!