Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My summer reading list

We are almost leaving for our holiday of 2 weeks in France.
I can't wait to sit in the garden with a good book, not having to work, nor answering the telephone,...
These books are on my list:
Wolf Hall-Hilary Mantel
Krakatoa-Simon Winchester
In Europe-Geert Mak
The Historian-Elisabeth Kostova

My daughter is reading The grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, I read it twenty years ago, and really loved it. Maybe I'll read it again, after I finished the books on my list. Steinbeck is such a wonderful writer, but his books are a bit forgotten here in Belgium.

And if I look at these books (covers created by Coralie Bickford Smith, edited by Penguin), I definitely want to reread my classics!

And what about your summer reading lists, did you make any? Please tell me!


Cassandra said...

Sabine ~ I just discovered your wonderful blog this morning! I will have to spend much more time to enjoy your many wonderful postings!

Your summer reading list appears very interesting and enjoyable. Mine includes several non-fiction titles about the history of the upstate New York area where our farmhouse is located, as well as a couple of biographies. I agree that the Penguin books with the decorative covers are lovely - I have seen them in the stores here in the states.

Please visit my blog to see my collection of the type of antiquarian books which are the inspiration for this series by Penguin. I have posted many entries with the subject of "Decorative Publishers' Bindings"

All the very best, Cassandra ♥

Pom Pom said...

I'm reading Kristin Lavransdatter. It's fascinating. I also loved Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow. Next, Rutherford's Sarum. I love summer reading.

vicki said...

Sabine - I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Looks like youhave your summer reading all planned out - and I just know you are looking so forward to that!

I am afraid that I have not read nearly emough this summer. Currently I am reading part 2 of the Voyager series - Dragonfly in Amber. On my ipod I have just finished Ireland - loved that! I have somany things that I want to read - must find the time!


xo.sorcha.ox said...

It is Winter here in Australia at the moment, and I am nearing the end of my Winter Reading List. This year it has been a selection of Austen and Austen-inspired books. Jane Austen is my favourite author, and I am reading these books as part of an online Austen Reading Challenge (more info at my blog). It's been most enjoyable!

Jane said...

My daughter will be in Belgium for 2 weeks in September -for business. She hasn't been across the pond in awhile so I think she is looking forward to getting caught up with some friends too. When you get tired of the little mouse clothespin bag - let me know. Can't help it - been coveting it since you started it. :-)

Natalie said...

Steinbeck has always been a favorite author of mine.
I do not have a summer reading list... but I am enjoying the idea of it... such lovely inspiration.