Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring colours

(illustration by Beatrix Potter)
Last Saturday, it was Earth Hour. We shut down all the lights, the computer, the radio,...
And we lighted some candles. That was quite a cozy hour, I even did a bit of crochet! Maybe something to do every week?

My granny blanket is almost finished, I just need to join a few more rows, and then of course all the threads...
Something I can do while watching a few episodes of Dexter.
Although it is getting colder again, I couldn't help it, I bought some spring flowers for my pots at the front door.


Elyse said...

oh! i love the top image/illustration! is it racey helps? adorable.


Jane said...

I SO love your Blog and your talented eye. Makes me slow down and breathe every time I visit you. Thanks.

vicki said...

Hate that I missed Earth Hour - they don't turn out the lights in the hospital - no matter what! BUT I LOVE that little bunny illustrated photograph - my favorite!

Love the granny afghan - those colors are wonderful - gosh you sure do tackle big projects! Puts me to shame---!

Love the flower pictures - I want spring so badly. Every year I get anxious and always, always buy my flowers too early. And then, at least twice I have to take out all the sheets in the house and cover them to save them from the frost - our yard looks like a gypsy village!

ps - My husband loves Dexter too -