Thursday, December 17, 2009

Almost Christmas

No, I will not be able to finish my Christmas sampler in time. Here you see the result after week#13 and week#14.
Due to all my "real" work, I neglected my sampler a bit... And cross-stitching isn't something you can do full speed, I'm afraid.

It takes me a few hours to stitch a little flower.

It started to snow a few days ago, so with a bit of luck we will have a white Christmas! It seems that we had our last in 1986, I can't even remember it... I'm probably getting old.


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Happy Christmas to you Sabine!

I dont think our snow will last until Christmas day, but fingers crossed x

Your sampler is looking wonderful, no need to rush it, as it looks so beautiful!

Sarah x

Mom Walds Place said...

It's the getting there that's the fun. Think of what some people pay for less than an hour with a therapist.

Lovely blossoms. Merry Christmas!

lotusgreen said...

the sampler is wondrous. i still am grateful to you for my beautiful bag just about every day.

i know i don't get here enough. sometimes communicating is hard for me. but i wanted to give you a sure smile for the holidays, and the warmest of warm wishes.

lily (lotusgreen)

vicki said...

Sabine -
Your blog is just lovely. Your pictures are amazing. I am always so excited to follow along and enjoy all the marvelous crafty things that you do. I am just dying to see the completion of that kitty sampler! Thank you for visiting my blog as well. Happy Holidays.

Natalie said...

Merry Christmas.