Thursday, October 22, 2009


1. tea cozy, 2. Classic mittens, 3. pink nose, 4. Haverhill throw, 5. Homemade pillows in the sofa..., 6. I luv cappuccino + rabbit, 7. Fire, 8. Melhores Amigos [Best of Friends], 9. Granny Room
I have a bad cold right now, feeling chilly and tired... Drinking lots of tea, sitting by the fire, and making a Flickr mosaic of comfy things can be a good remedy.


Unknown said...

You too?!!!! Its awful, everyone including me seem to have had the dreaded lurgy, hope you feel better soon. Love the pics! Suzie. x

Andylynne said...

love your mosaic, such comphy things. Hope you feel better, it's a nsty bug going around,no matter where you are. Keep warm, and hug a cat and a quilt :)

AnnaVallance said...

Hope you are feeling better. And I love your mosaic.