Monday, September 14, 2009

Golden days

September glow on the pond,

the company of a lovely cat,

autumn flowers,

...and working on my sampler!
It has been a hectic week, lots and lots of work, but I tried to enjoy my garden as much as possible (a lot of coffee-breaks).


Andylynne said...

I admire your tenacity on your sampler. It's lovely, and I know it will be beautiful when finished. Your photos are great such a pretty place. I know I look just like the last painting when I doing my stiching, what about you :) ?

Sabine said...

With the only difference that I am wearing glasses while stitching :)! said...

Lovely photos! Just read the comment. Too funny, I can hardly see without my glasses now! Suzie. :)

Mom Walds Place said...

What a lovely virtual break, thank you. The flower on your sampler is looking lovely. Here in WI we have to take as many moments outside now as we can, before it freezes.

Elisabeth Black said...

Lovely, all of it. Especially the peachy flowers.