Saturday, August 22, 2009


Although the weather has been very sunny and warm the past weeks, I keep working every day on my Christmas sampler. It's a bit strange to sew edelweisses and snowy trees at this time of year.

And since we're back home, I'm working every day to switch my children's room.
Girl's room has become ...

boy's room, and vice versa.

Since my son is away from home a lot for his studies, my daughter dreams to turn his room into hers. Because it's a lot bigger and she needs a big desk for Art School projects and painting.
So now I am moving furniture, painting, cleaning and reorganizing like mad.
A new room asks for a new crocheted plaid, I wanted it bright and colourful, like the flowers and berries at this time of year.


Natalie said...

Very pretty.

The Curious Cat said...

Beautiful sewing...simply beautiful and I see you have a Rowan in there too - my favourite new berry tree!!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Simply gorgeous post! Your sampler is really coming on, as if you need any encouragement from me!

I love the new crochet too, happy days reorganising childrens rooms, fun!

Love Sarah x

Karen Sanders said...

Hi, I have just found your blog and to my delight you have an Alice in wonderland figurine. I too have one of these and have never seen another, my Grandmother gave it to me some 30 years ago. It is in my daughters room now but is extremely special to me.
Great blog
My Alice in Wonderland post was June 23rd.
Karen, Cavania London

Mom Walds Place said...

Kudos to you for patience and persistance with your sampler. With all of the wonderful things you are doing around your home, you are still taking a moment for yourself. Your dedication will make your finished even more special. Thank you for sharing your progress with us.