Monday, May 18, 2009

Sheep around the world

The moment I saw this blogpost on "Flutterby Patch", Eli's lovely blog, I couldn't resist making a woolly lamb myself.
What a funny and cute idea! I hope a lot of bloggers will do the same.

I called her Daisy, and she's already feeling very comfortable in my garden.


Natalie said...

I want a flock.

Sabine said...

I think you can knit a little flock in about a week!

Eli said...

How exciting Sabine. I have contacted the flock who are still in Tasmania and they are now busy planning their trip to Belgium to meet the wonderful Daisy. Hopefully I will get news from them tomorrow which I will post on my blog.....wonderful!

Marqueta said...

Dear Sabine,

I followed the link from Eli's blog, and found your delightful one. Daisy is a pretty girl; how fun to do! Your other crafty creations are very lovely, as well.