Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last week, we had a few really nice and sunny spring days, and I did one of my favourite garden chores: clipping the boxwood shrubs. I'm not exactly Edward Scissorhands, but after a few hours of work, I was rather pleased with the result.

Not quite like this:

...but this will do the job!

Besides gardening, I did a bit of crochet and I folded my laundry and sorted all the socks.


Andylynne said...

I like your bushes, what a nice place to sit and work. I love the blue crochet work. What ever it is, ( looks like an afghan maybe) it's beautiful. The color choice is stunning. Such a small ammount of green and it makes a big difference. Nice color selection. I bet one of your cats thinks it will be a nice place to nap.

Eli said...

Your garden looks so tranquil Sabine. I enjoy topiary also but I fear my box balls are not quite perfect spheres!! You have made a good job of clipping your bushes. I love the smell of box on a warm summer day as it always reminds me of visiting large gardens in my childhood. Have a happy Easter, Eli

Carrie said...

I LOVE boxwoods! Mine are still small so there isn't too much trimming to do. Yours look beautiful! I love seeing your garden.

lotusgreen said...

you're so industrious! and it appears worth it as you so obviously live in a paradise