Monday, October 13, 2008


Purple: a rich and mysterious colour. I have a love/hate relation with this colour, it's difficult to use, both in drawings and in crafts. But used well, it can be stunning.

1. plums, 2. camile's shedir top, 3. purple, 4. Evening Stockings, 5. The Purple Monogram, 6. ~maive~, 7. Ophelia Drowns, 8. Fog Veil, 9. Normandie46, 10. A Child's Garden of Verses, 11. granny square pile, 12. Untitled, 13. inspiration, 14. Pansies Pink-2, 15. hexagons, 16. Elissa's Baby doll beach set (blouse) Summer 2007


Natalie said...

You've done it again... gathered the loveliest collection of images... all perfect purples!

Eli said...

I also love purple Sabine but it isn't always easy to find something to co-ordinate with it. I am looking for a new winter coat and I would love it be purple but I don't think I will find one (coats are so often black or navy). Your crochet blanket is wonderful, I'd love to give one a go as I have a lot of yarn to use up and the random arrangement is perfect. Eli