Monday, September 29, 2008


1. Princess Naomi, 2. healing echinachea, 3. Half Dresser, 4. pillows, 5. Japanese Lantern - estate sale find, 6. Sewing Kit Gift, 7. Cat among the cherry blossoms 2, 8. Spools of Pink, 9. pink tea house, 10. Cinderella Gown, 11. very showy, 12. bippity boppity boo, 13. Future quilt for my daughter, 14. Little birdie, 15. Echoes Of Paris, 16. a rose by any other name would 'taste' as sweet


Eli said...

Here in England, when someone is feeling good we say they are 'in the pink'. That's great Sabine, so glad you are 'in the pink' with those lovely pics and back on track. I love that ripple blanket. Wonder how big it will be when finished. Eli

Sabine said...

That's a nice expression!
I hope I will not be "feeling blue" when I do a blue post.

Eli said...

Well Sabine... you are certainly thinking pink this week. I love the colour of that hydrangea, they last for such a long time. Ours are all blue because our soil is very acid. We have so much wind and rain here today that the big mob head hydrangeas have fallen onto the ground because they are so heavy.