Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Finally time for an update...
Loads of work, the end of the schoolyear, and an unexpected trip to Britain, I had my reasons to neglect my blog.
More about my little unexpected holiday later, but first: orange!

1. Fiery Beauty, 2. I'm a little teapot, 3. Birthday Cake., 4. Portrait, 5. Fresh Alabama Peaches, 6. e04d_1, 7. Benicio kissing Poppy, 8. my cat "HOOK" 's feet, 9. Untitled, 10. if this were pink it would be the world's most perfect dress, 11. age of empires sweardress over striped thrifted dress, 12. 十份-燈龍, 13. ginger cat, 14. Vintage Orange Shade, 15. clementine, 16. Bone China

A honey and bread breakfast this morning. And one of my favourite mugs.

A cute cup I bought on a flea market for 50 eurocents.

A notebook with all my Photoshop tips and tricks, I am no good at remembering computery things and this book is always lying next to my computer.

My Penguin pockets.

A cute teddy.
Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, it has been raining for days, and there's almost no light inside our house.

And of course Spipsie, our sweet girl with the orange spots!


Natalie said...

I am thinking all of that orange must move the rain clouds away... at least my monitor feels sunny!
Behind cute bear, who is that black cat with the sneaky expression? I like him a lot!

Sabine said...

Black cat is drawn by William Steig, this illustration was for a cover for the New Yorker.

Andylynne said...

With all your wonderful selections I could be lured to the orange side. Especially with that adorable cat and your wonderful teacup. Thanks for letting me see the beautiful side of Orange.

Doe said...

Love this mosaic! Not into orange that much and I'm not saying I don't like it but this could very well change my view.

Faith said...

lovely orange, so warm and yes reminds me of the gorgeous fruits oranges, I want some satsumas now

crazy bird said...

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