Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowy white

I guess it will be another Christmas without snow here, so this will have to do! In case you want to make your own mosaic, you have to join Flickr, and then you start collecting your favorites. When you go here, you can start making mosaics. It's fun!

1. Sakura Chan went to her new home, 2. Last night..., 3. One place, two photos, 4. sleepyhead, 5. Alisha models the back, very patiently, 6. new year weekend house, 7. 奶茶_01, 8. pink bear close-up, 9. I'm Not Looking!, 10. sunshine, 11. Last night..., 12. Chick, 13. View from the front door II, 14. Winter Night, 15. Virkad snöstjärneflinga!, 16. Winter Cottage


pussman said...


Anonymous said...


How do you do collages like that?


Steffe said...

Thanks for blogging my winter photo. The snow is gone at the cottage now I'm afraid. Merry Christmas from Steffe